Way’s to Prevent American cockroaches in Rutherford County Tennessee

  1. Seal up any cracks or crevices in walls and around windows, doors, and pipes with caulk to prevent cockroaches from entering the home.
  2. Vacuum carpets and furniture regularly to remove food sources that attract cockroaches, and be sure to empty vacuum bags when finished.
  3. Store all food items in airtight containers or refrigerators and keep counters, cabinets, and kitchen appliances clean of crumbs, grease, and other materials that can attract American cockroaches.
  4. Remove standing water from sinks, tubs, basements/cellars, gutters, pet bowls and other moisture-prone areas to eliminate potential breeding grounds for American cockroaches.
  5. Inspect used furniture for signs of American cockroach infestation before bringing it into your home as they may have been living inside the furniture before you acquired it.
  6. Apply a perimeter treatment of insecticide around the exterior of your home to create an invisible barrier that will repel American cockroaches from entering your house or yard area.
  7. Install mesh screens over windows and vents. In order to prevent American cockroaches from gaining entry into the building through these potential openings.
  8. Check outdoor garbage cans regularly for signs of American cockroach activity. Such as droppings or shed skins. Use tight-fitting lids on containers used outside. To help control their presence near your home’s exterior walls or foundations. Where they can gain entry inside if given access via open windows or holes in walls or ceilings..
  9. Fix any plumbing leaks as soon as possible. Standing water serves as a source of sustenance for American cockroaches. Which could lead to larger infestations down the road. If not dealt with promptly by a professional exterminator service provider if necessary..
rutherford county tennessee american cockroaches on counter
American Cockroaches

Prevent Problems with American Cockroaches by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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