How can I prevent black widow spiders in Rutherford County Tennessee?

black widow spider rutherford county tennessee

10 Ways Preventing Black Widow Spiders

  1. Be sure to keep your home and garden free of areas where spiders can hide, such as wood piles, old furniture, and leaf litter.
  2. Seal off any cracks or crevices around the foundation of your home with caulking or weather stripping to prevent black widow spiders from entering your house.

3. Check outdoor furniture, toys, and any other items stored in the yard periodically for possible spider webs and egg sacs that could be hiding there.

4. Place a few yellow sticky traps around the perimeter of your yard to capture female black widows before they can enter your home.

5. Repair any holes or tears in window screens to prevent spiders from getting inside.

5 More Ways of Preventing Black Widow Spiders

6. Wear long pants and thick gloves when working in gardens, sheds, or other outdoor areas where spiders may be lurking.

7. Install outdoor lighting around the perimeter of your yard that will attract insects which black widow spiders feed on. This will draw them away from your home so you don’t have to deal with them indoors.

8. Keep pet food indoors in sealed containers. So it doesn’t attract any insects that could become prey for black widow spiders near your house.

9. Install copper mesh screening along the bottom edges of doors and windows. This will prevent spiders from getting inside through small cracks or gapes in these areas. The metal will act like a barrier between them and entry into your home!

10. Trim back trees and shrubs near the house. So there aren’t any convenient pathways for black widows to access the roof, walls, or eaves of your house easily by climbing along tree branches. By using them as a bridge over open spaces outside their habitat range away from human contact.


Prevent Problems with Black Widow Spiders by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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