Are Blow Flies in Rutherford County Tennessee?

blow fly rutherford county tennessee

Yes, Blow Flies are found in Rutherford County, Tennessee. They are a common nuisance species and can be found around areas with decaying organic matter or garbage. The larvae of the Blow Fly feed on bacteria and fungi that live off decaying organic matter.

The adults of this species can be identified by their metallic sheen in colors of blue, green, gold and black. The body is slightly larger than house flies, and they make a loud buzzing sound when flying near you. On the larvae, you can recognize them by their pale yellow or white coloration with a tapered head that has darker hook-like mouthparts and a rounder back end compared to the front.

Blow Flies play an important role in nature as part of the food chain for many insectivorous animals such as birds, bats and other predators. They also act as decomposers in ecosystems by helping to break down dead organic material into useful nutrients for plants to use. This helps prevent disease outbreaks due to large amounts of carcasses lying around longer than expected.

Due to this fly’s ability to quickly spread germs through its propensity for taking up residence in unsanitary conditions, it is important to take preventive measures against them before they become an infestation problem. Keeping trash cans securely covered, disposing improperly stored food waste promptly and eliminating moist environments like standing water are effective ways to combat blowfly populations in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

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