Preventing blow flies in Rutherford County Tennessee

blow fly rutherford county tennessee

9 Ways on Preventing Blow Flies

  1. Make sure all trash cans and dumpsters are kept covered and lids secured to prevent blow flies from laying eggs in the garbage.
  2. Clean up any spills or food scraps on floors, counters, and other surfaces right away to avoid providing a breeding ground for blow flies.

3. Regularly inspect your home, both inside and out, for areas where blow flies may be breeding. Such as compost piles, pet waste, decaying leaves or vegetation, and standing water.

4. Make sure that all windows have screens in good condition. With no holes or tears that can allow blow flies into your home or property.

5. Seal any cracks or crevices that could provide entry points for these pests around the foundation of your home or business. This will help to prevent them from entering indoors.

6. Check potted plants for signs of larvae before bringing them indoors. As they may contain fly eggs or maggots that can later hatch into adult flies once inside the building.

7. Regularly remove animal droppings from around your property and flush toilets or drains as needed. This will reduce potential sources of food for these pests.

8. Consider investing in insect screens over vents and openings. To the outside if you notice an increase in these insects on your property during warm weather months when they are most active.

9. If necessary, contact a licensed pest management professional who can identify infestations early. Also, they will provide tailored treatment solutions accordingly. So they do not become an even bigger problem down the line!

Prevent Problems with Blow Flies by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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