Are Brown Recluses in Rutherford County Tennessee?

brown recluse spider rutherford county tennessee

Brown recluse spiders are native to a wide range of the United States, including areas of Tennessee. In Rutherford County, there have been sightings of brown recluses in homes, barns and other outbuildings. This is most likely due to the fact that these spiders thrive in dark and undisturbed places. As temperatures rise in the summer months, brown recluse spiders may be seen more frequently because they tend to travel farther in search of food or mates.

Brown recluse spiders are a species of web-weaving spider that is typically found in homes and other domestic environments across the United States. The primary habitat of the brown recluse spider is indoors, especially in dark, undisturbed places like basements and attics. They are also found in woodpiles, sheds, garages, and other outdoor areas around homes.

Although the presence of Brown Recluses can be frightening. It’s important to remember that they are not typically aggressive. They will only bite if threatened or provoked. To avoid their bites, it is recommended that people wear gloves when cleaning dark and secluded areas like basements or garages. Furthermore, it is helpful to examine items carefully before bringing them into your home. As Brown Recluses may already be living inside them.

It’s also important to note that while having Brown Recluse spiders are dangerous due to their venomous bite. They can also provide a valuable service by keeping other insect populations at bay. By consuming them for food. Therefore, if you do spot one in your home the best course of action would be to leave it alone. Unless, it poses an immediate danger.

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