Preventing Brown Recluse Infestations in Rutherford County Tennessee

faqs on brown recluses in rutherford county tennessee

9 Ways of Preventing Brown Recluses

  1. Inspect any luggage, boxes, or other items that have been stored for long periods of time before bringing them into the home. Brown recluse spiders often live in undisturbed places and may be living in these items.
  2. Check outdoor furniture, such as lawn chairs and picnic tables, for spider webs before sitting on them. Brown recluse spiders often build their webs near woodpiles and other sites where they can find food and shelter.

3. Seal off any small gaps or cracks around windowsills, door frames, pipes or drains that may lead inside the house from outside. This will help prevent brown recluses from entering the home through these openings.

4. Replace torn window screens or damaged weatherstripping around doors. This keeps brown recluses from gaining access to the interior of a home.

5. Clear away any piles of leaves, twigs, or other debris near your home. Since this is a common habitat for brown recluse spiders. They like to lay eggs during mating season in Tennessee.

4 More Ways of Preventing Brown Recluses

6. Remove clutter from shelves and countertops to reduce hiding spots for brown recluse spiders. Since they prefer dark areas that are not disturbed frequently by humans or pets inside the home environment.

7. Keep storage boxes clean and store items off of the floor if possible. This will reduce potential hiding places for these arachnids in garages, attics, closets, basements or crawl spaces. Within a property’s perimeter walls in Rutherford County Tennessee  .

8. Cut back overgrown vegetation that could attract brown recluses to nest close by. Tree branches should be kept several feet away from any building’s walls. This is especially important during dry summer months. When water becomes scarce and insects become more concentrated into certain areas. Making them attractive hunting grounds for these spiders when food sources are limited nearby residences .

9. Have regular pest control inspections done at least once per year. This will help to detect early signs of an infestation before it becomes serious. This will also help identify potential access points around your property’s perimeter. Which could act as entryways for spiders looking to take shelter indoors when conditions outside become unfavorable.

This is Just a Few of the FAQs on Brown Recluses

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