Are Carpenter Ants common in Rutherford County Tennessee?

carpenter ant rutherford county tennessee

Carpenter Ants are indeed common in Rutherford County Tennessee. This is because the county has a humid, subtropical climate. Which provides plenty of moisture and warmth for these species of ants to thrive. Additionally, the presence of woody vegetation and other organic material. Makes the area an ideal habitat for carpenter ants to set up their colonies.

The most common species of ant that invades houses in Rutherford County Tennessee is the carpenter ant. This type of ant has a segmented, oval body, and is usually black, red, or both in color. Carpenter ants are typically identified by the presence of their nesting sites. Inside wood structures like walls and furniture, where you may also find sawdust-like materials around these areas called frass.

It is important to be aware of them because they can cause extensive damage to homes and buildings, especially if left unchecked. They feed on wet and rotting wood, but may also attack sound and dry wood with their powerful mandibles. Carpenter ant infestation can lead to structural damage as the insects tunnel through walls, ceilings, and wooden furniture. In addition to causing structural damage, they often contaminate food sources with their droppings or debris from where they construct their nests.

In order to protect your home or property from an infestation of carpenter ants it’s important to identify areas that might contain moisture or rotting wood that could attract these pests. Eliminating such areas will help deter them from colonizing your property as they require moist conditions in order to survive. Additionally, sealing any holes or cracks in window frames or around door frames will prevent these insects from entering your home or building. Keeping your property clean is also a good way to discourage pests like carpenter ants from settling there since they prefer cluttered spaces where they can easily hide and nest unnoticed.

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