Preventing Carpenter Bees Infestation in Rutherford County Tennessee

ways to preventing carpenter bees in rutherford county tennessee

7 Ways on Preventing Carpenter Bees


1. Inspect the exterior of your home regularly for signs of carpenter bee activity. Such as sawdust and holes in wood surfaces. If you notice these signs, it’s important to take action right away. As carpenter bees can cause extensive damage.

2. Apply a sealant or paint to exposed wood surfaces. To make them less appealing to carpenter bees – they prefer bare wood.

3. Replace any damaged wood that has been infested by carpenter bees. Be sure to ensure that the new wood is sealed or painted as soon as possible.

4. Trim back shrubs and trees so there is no contact with your home’s exterior walls. This will help reduce access for carpenter bees looking for nesting sites near your home.

5. Consider using mesh screens over windows and doors. So carpenter bees cannot get inside. It will likely find an alternate nesting site away from your home.

6. If necessary, spray insecticide around the perimeter of your property during the spring. When carpenter bees are most active. This will help prevent them from entering your home or building nests on your property.

7. Install “bee guards” in holes where carpenter bees have previously nested. These are metal cylinders that cover the hole and prevent further nesting activity by blocking

Prevent Problems with Carpenter Bees by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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