Are Carpet Beetles Common Pest in Rutherford County Tennessee

carpet beetles rutherford county tennessee

Yes, carpet beetles are indeed common in Rutherford County Tennessee. This is because the climate in the area is ideal for their development and survival. Carpet beetles thrive in areas with high temperatures and humidity levels. This makes them a nuisance pest all year round. Warmer seasons tend to bring even higher infestations of these pesky pests.

Carpet beetles feed on dead insects and animal products such as lint, hair, wool, fur, and feathers. Clothes moths are also known to feed on fabric items like carpets or upholstered furniture. Especially if they contain food sources like sweat stains or food particles. If left untreated, carpet beetle populations can grow quickly. Resulting in extensive damage to clothing and other fabrics.

Fortunately for Rutherford County residents, there are a few prevention methods. These can help reduce the likelihood of a carpet beetle infestation. Vacuuming frequently will help, and remove potential food sources from carpets and furniture that can attract these pests. It’s also important to keep storage areas clean.

By regularly inspecting items for any signs of activity or damage caused by them. Any clothing or fabric items that have been exposed to an infestation. Should be immediately washed and/or dry cleaned before storing them away again. Additionally, you should check any new items before bringing them home from stores or other locations as they may already have an active infestation present on them which could result in further spread throughout your home or business.

Carpet beetles can be found in most parts of Rutherford County Tennessee including homes and businesses. They generally prefer warm and dark places. Like carpets, furniture pieces upholstered with natural fabrics. Such as wool or leather, closets, drawers, attics and basements where lint or hair accumulate.

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