Are Centipedes Common in Rutherford County Tennessee

centipedes rutherford county tennessee

Centipedes are fairly common in Rutherford County Tennessee, and can be found throughout the region. They’re typically active during the warmer months of spring and summer, when they hunt for food like insects, spiders, and other small arthropods. In autumn and winter, centipedes go into a hibernation-like state called diapause which allows them to conserve energy until warmer temperatures return.

Due to the humid climate of Rutherford County Tennessee, it is an ideal habitat for these arthropods. Centipedes prefer damp environments with lots of organic matter to hide in such as leaf litter or mulch. You may also find them in dark areas like basements or crawl spaces.

In order to reduce their numbers around your property, you should remove any standing water near your home. Also, seal off any potential entry points for creatures like centipedes. Planting certain varieties of plants that repel pests can help reduce their presence as well.

Centipedes might appear intimidating due to their large size and long legs. They are actually harmless to humans unless provoked or threatened. If disturbed or handled incorrectly they may bite with their sharp claws. Which can cause some mild discomfort or localized swelling. However, bites from centipedes are not very dangerous. They don’t usually require medical attention unless there is an allergic reaction.

In conclusion, while centipedes are indeed common in Rutherford County Tennessee. They do not pose a serious threat to humans or animals living in the area. They provide a beneficial service by helping keep insect populations under control. If their presence becomes a nuisance then steps should be taken to reduce their numbers around one’s property. Using natural pest control methods such as removing standing water sources and planting repellent plants.

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