FAQs on Centipedes in Rutherford County Tennessee

centipedes rutherford county tennessee

5 Common FAQs on Centipedes

Q: What do centipedes look like?

A: Centipedes have an elongated, segmented, and flattened body. With one pair of long skinny legs extending from each body segment. They are usually a yellowish-gray or brown color. They range in size from one-half to six inches in length. Most centipedes we encounter are around an inch to an inch and a half long. They have a long antennae and the first pair of legs end in sharp claws. Which they use to capture prey and inject venom into their victims.

Q: Are centipedes helpful or harmful?

A: Generally speaking, centipedes can be both helpful and harmful. When they are present in small numbers. They are beneficial because they help control nuisance insect populations. However, when they move into our gardens or homes in large numbers they become unwelcome pests.


Q: Where are centipedes commonly found? 

A: Centipedes can be found in almost all regions across the globe. Where there are humid climates including forests, grasslands, deserts, agricultural fields and urban areas alike. They tend to prefer damp habitats such as basements and bathrooms. Where prey is abundant but can also survive dry conditions for short periods of time. 


Q: Are there any special guidelines for dealing with centipedes in Rutherford County Tennessee?

A: Yes! The most important thing is to remain vigilant about keeping your home clean and tidy. As this helps keep centipede populations low. Additionally, if an infestation does arise in your home it is best to contact licensed pest control professionals. Who can safely remove them without any hazardous side effects.

Q: What do centipedes eat? 

A: Centipedes typically feed on insects, spiders, worms, and small invertebrates. They hunt their prey using their modified legs to grasp it. Then they inject venom into the victim through a pair of fangs located behind the head.

This is just a Few FAQs on Centipedes

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