Preventing Centipedes Infestations in Rutherford County Tennessee

centipedes rutherford county tennessee

10 Ways of Preventing Centipedes

  1. Seal up any cracks or gaps around windows and doors, as well as any other potential entryways into your house. This can be done using a caulk gun, steel wool, or weather stripping.
  2. Check to make sure all screens are intact and not torn, as centipedes can fit through even the smallest of openings.

3. Clean up clutter around the outside of your home that might provide shelter for centipedes. Such as piles of leaves or wood chips.

4. Remove sources of humidity like standing water or damp soil near the foundation of your home. As this is where centipedes will congregate to lay eggs and reproduce.

5. Make sure all gutters are draining properly and away from your house. Otherwise they can become an unwanted breeding ground for centipedes. Also many other pests due to moisture build-up in these areas.

6. If you have a basement or crawl space under your home. Make sure to keep it dry and free from any debris. By regularly inspecting it for signs of moisture buildup or leaks that could attract centipedes.

7. Be sure to properly store food items in sealed containers that aren’t able to be accessed by pests. Such as centipedes looking for a source of nutrition in our living spaces .

8. Treat the exterior perimeter of your home with an insecticide such as bifenthrin. In order to keep centipede populations at bay before they ever get inside..

9. Keep pet food stored away properly in airtight containers. So it doesn’t become an attractant for hungry centipedes lurking nearby.

10. Vacuum (and discard) any dead bugs or spiders found inside or outside the house immediately. So they don’t become an easy meal for a passing centipede!

This is just 10 of the Common Ways of Preventing Centipedes

Prevent Problems with Centipedes by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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