Ways to Preventing Chiggers in Rutherford County Tennessee

chiggers rutherford county tennessee

7 Ways of Preventing Chiggers


  1. Wear insect repellant when outdoors. Insect repellent with at least 20-30% DEET is the best way to prevent chiggers from attaching to your skin. Make sure to cover all exposed skin with the repellent and reapply as needed throughout the day.

2. Wear long pants and long sleeves: Wearing long pants and long sleeves can provide an additional barrier of protection against chiggers. Tucking your pants into your socks or boots can help keep chiggers from crawling up your legs.

3. Check for ticks and chiggers after spending time outdoors. After spending time outdoors in Rutherford County, Tennessee, be sure to inspect your body for any ticks or chiggers. That may have attached themselves to you. Pay special attention to areas around your ankles, waistline, armpits, and other areas where clothing is tight-fitting. It’s important to take a shower soon after coming indoors. So that any remaining pests are washed away before they can bite you.

4. Mow the lawn often. Regularly mowing the lawn will help keep grass short which limits potential hiding spots for chiggers. Additionally, removing excess leaves and debris from around your property. This can further reduce hiding spots for these pests.

5. Apply pesticides around the house. Applying pesticides around the perimeter of your home can kill off existing pests. While also preventing future infestations from occurring in Rutherford County, Tennessee.. It’s important to carefully read all pesticide labels. Before making a purchase so that you apply them safely. According to directions provided by the manufacturer or pest control expert.

6. Keep pets away from tall grasses. Pets may pick up fleas and ticks from tall grasses in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Which increases their chances of carrying over these bugs into your home environment. Where they can quickly become a problem for human occupants as well as pets alike! It’s best to keep pets away from tall grasses if possible. At least monitor them closely if they come into contact with them during outdoor activities.

7. Inspect camping gear before use. If you plan on camping in Rutherford County, Tennessee. It’s important to inspect all gear beforehand. Since it may be harboring pests like ticks and chiggers. That could quickly become problematic once inside a tent environment! Thoroughly inspecting all equipment. Especially, before use will ensure you don’t inadvertently bring any unwanted guests along with you on vacation!

This is just 7 Ways of Preventing Chiggers

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