Are Cicada Killers Common Pests in Rutherford County Tennessee

cicada killers rutherford county tennessee

Cicada killers are generally not considered a common pest in Rutherford County, Tennessee. This species of wasp is most commonly found in the eastern U.S. But it can also be found as far west as California and Texas. Unlike other types of wasps such as yellow jackets or hornets. Cicada killers don’t have large colonies. Their sting is not particularly painful. They do not pose a threat to humans or pets. Though their presence can be bothersome if they nest near homes or other structures.

In Rutherford County, cicada killers typically appear during summer months when temperatures reach 80 degrees. The females create individual nests in the ground by digging tunnels up to 18 inches long and 1 inch wide. During this process, they kick out excavated soil particles. This forms the visible mounds around the nesting sites. Once inside the tunnel, cicadas are paralyzed with a sting before being stored there for provisioning purposes.

A single female can paralyze and store dozens of cicadas over several days. Until she lays an egg nearby each one to hopefully produce a new generation of cicada killers.

In addition to cicadas, adult cicada killer wasps will feed on nectar from flowers – including garden flowers such as roses and lilies – for energy before returning to their burrows at dusk. The larvae feed on paralized insects stored within the tunnel by their mother and eventually develop into adults after around 40 days of growth underground. Overall, these solitary wasps may be seen as beneficial since they help keep populations of certain insect pests under control. However, if their presence has caused excessive concern in your property it may be best to contact a professional exterminator for removal services.

Cicada killer activity usually peaks in late summer months but may begin as early as June depending on your location. The adults will start appearing when the weather is warmer. About two weeks after mud daubers build their nests in the same area of soft substrate ground soil.

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