FAQs on Cicada Killers in Rutherford County Tennessee

cicada killers rutherford county tennessee

5 Common FAQs on Cicada Killers


Q: Where can I find cicada killers in Rutherford County Tennessee?

A: To find cicada killers in Rutherford County, be sure to look for sandy soil and grassy areas. Cicada killers are drawn to these particular conditions because they require a soft substrate to dig burrows in which to lay eggs and feed their young. Look for the mounded dirt piles with a single hole near gardens, flower beds, under trees, and near wooded areas.

Q: What do cicada killers look like?

A: Cicada killers are wasps that are typically identified by their red and black bodies with yellow banding around the abdomen. They have a reddish-brown head and transparent or yellow-tinted heavily veined wings. Their bodies grow between 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches in length.


Q: What time of year do cicada killers appear?

A: Cicada killer activity usually peaks in late summer months but may begin as early as June. Depending on your location within Rutherford County Tennessee. The adults will start appearing when the weather is warmer. About two weeks after mud daubers build their nests in the same area of soft substrate ground soil.


Q: Do cicada killers sting humans?

A: Cicada killers rarely sting humans unless provoked or threatened. However, females do sting other insects such as cicadas to feed their larvae once they hatch from burrows beneath the ground surface. It is important that you avoid interfering with any nests you may come across. As this can cause them to become defensive and attack anyone who approaches them or their nest too closely.


Q: Are there any methods available for controlling cicada killer populations?

A: Generally speaking, it is not necessary to control cicada killer wasp populations. Since they pose minimal risk when left undisturbed away from human habitation. Or recreational large open spaces where children may play etc., However if it is deemed necessary population control measures. Can be taken such as using insecticides or baits containing avermectins (a type of insecticide). As always consult with an entomologist before applying any pesticide. So that proper dosage rates can be determined according to your specific needs.

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