Ways on Preventing Cicada Killers in Rutherford County Tennessee

cicada killers rutherford county tennessee

10 Ways on Preventing Cicada Killers


  1. Keep an eye out for cicada killers as soon as the weather warms up in the spring. They are most active during this season, so be sure to check for signs of nesting activity in areas with sandy soils.
  2. Create a barrier around the area where cicada killers are found. By raking or mowing grass or weeds near the nest sites and keeping vegetation low. This will help prevent a suitable environment for them to nest and breed in.

3. Remove any dead trees and stumps on your property. The one that could provide shelter for cicada killers or attract other insects that they feed on.

4. Eliminate sources of standing water near your home. Such as clogged gutters, leaky outdoor faucets, and pet dishes left outside. Since these provide ideal breeding grounds for cicadas and their predators like cicada killers.

5. Install yellow sticky traps on trees or bushes near where you suspect the cicada killer population is nesting. This will help reduce their numbers as well as monitor their presence in your yard over time.

5 More Ways on Preventing Cicada Killers

6. Trim shrubs and tree branches away from high-traffic areas. Like sidewalks and driveways since they can provide easy access. To flying predators and reduce the risk of being stung by a cicada killer wasp. While walking through those areas.

7. Plant native flowering plants around your property that attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and praying mantises. Which will naturally prey upon pests like cicadas. Therefore help keep their populations down naturally. Without using chemicals or other harmful methods of pest control.

8. Apply natural insecticides made from pyrethrin extracts near areas where you suspect nesting activity. Such as ground crevices or wood piles. This will help deter female wasps from laying eggs. Especially, in those places without harming other beneficial insects or animals living nearby.

9. Encourage birds to come into your yard by installing bird feeders, baths, and perches. Birds are natural predators of many types of insects including cicadas. So having them around can help keep their populations down naturally without relying on chemical interventions. (just make sure they have plenty of cover available so they don’t become overly vulnerable to predators themselves).

10. Replace old windowsills, door frames, window screens, etc., with new ones. These items can sometimes become damaged over time. Allowing potential entry points into your home. Which may be attractive to flying insect pests like cicada killers. If not properly sealed shut tightly enough against them

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