Ways on Preventing Cigarette Beetles in Rutherford County Tennessee

cigarette beetles rutherford county tennessee

8 Ways of Preventing Cigarette Beetles

  1. Keep food sealed and stored properly. Make sure all food items are in air-tight containers or dried packaging to prevent the beetles from accessing it.
  2. Clean up any crumbs or debris from counters, pantry shelves, and other surfaces regularly. Cigarette beetles can be attracted to small bits of food that might go unnoticed until it’s too late.

3. Take out garbage regularly and keep garbage bags tightly sealed. So that the smell does not attract pests such as cigarette beetles.

4. Inspect for cigarette beetles in packages of dried goods. Whenever possible before bringing them into your home or business.

5. Vacuum carpets, furniture, baseboards, window frames, and other areas where cigarette beetles. They may be lurking regularly to remove their eggs and larvae from these areas.

6. Check window screens for holes or tears. That could allow insects like cigarette beetles inside your home or business premises.

7. Place pheromone traps around the perimeter of your property to catch them. Adult cigarette beetle invaders before they have a chance to lay eggs and cause an infestation. On your property or business premises.

8. Have regular inspections carried out by professional pest control companies. In order to detect any early signs of an infestation. Before it becomes a full blown problem later on down the line.. If you do find yourself with an infestation. Have a professional come in right away and use pesticides specifically designed for controlling cigarrette beetle populations. In order to effectively eradicate them from your property quickly and efficiently. Without causing harm to yourself or others living close by..

Prevent Problems with Cigarette Beetles by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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