FAQs on Crazy Ants in Rutherford County Tennessee

crazy ants rutherford county tennessee

5 Common FAQs on Crazy Ants

Q: How did crazy ants get to Rutherford County, Tennessee?

A: Crazy ants are an invasive species not native to the United States. They were introduced from South America. Since their introduction, they have spread throughout. Especially, in much of the southern United States, including Rutherford County, Tennessee.

Q: What do crazy ants look like?

A: Crazy ants are small in size and range in color from brownish-red to black with a gray sheen. They have long segmented bodies that are covered in tiny hairs.


Q: Are crazy ants dangerous?

A: Crazy ants do not pose any immediate harm to humans. However, they can be a nuisance as they can rapidly infest buildings and homes. If left unchecked. In addition, they tend to displace native ant species. Which could have negative effects on local ecosystems. Therefore it is recommended that homeowners take steps to control their populations when possible.


Q: What is the best way to control crazy ant populations?

A: There are a few different methods for controlling crazy ant populations. The first is through residual insecticides or baits. Which will target and kill individual ants as well as eliminate nests. Additionally, certain types of natural repellents such as cedar oil or peppermint oil. Can be used which will keep the ants away. It won’t necessarily kill them off completely. Finally, physical removal by hand is also an option. But should only be done if all other measures fail due to the risk of being bitten or stung by aggressive specimens.


Q: Can I prevent the spread of crazy ants in my home?

A: Yes! Taking preventive measures such as regularly inspecting your home for signs of infestation.  (such as trails or nests) Sealing off potential entry points around doors and windows. Also, eliminating potential food sources (such as uncovered trash) can all help prevent a full-blown infestation from taking place.

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