Ways on Preventing Crazy Ants in Rutherford County Tennessee

crazy ants rutherford county tennessee

10 Ways on Preventing Crazy Ants


  1. Seal off any cracks or holes in the building’s foundation and walls to prevent ants from entering.
  2. Eliminate sources of food and water by removing all potential sources. Such as spilled pet food, water leakage, and other potential sources of food and liquid indoors. This will prevent them from finding sustenance inside your home or business.

3. Trim back shrubs or trees that touch the outside of your property. So they are at least one foot away from the structure. This will keep them from using their branches as a bridge to get onto your property and into your home or business.

4. Keep all debris cleared away from the outside of your building. Including leaves, sticks, and other organic material that could become a nesting place for crazy ants.

5. Apply a pesticide around the perimeter of your lawn and landscape beds. Specifically designed to kill crazy ants on contact. As well as stop new colonies from forming in nearby areas. Reapply as needed to maintain an area free from ant activity between treatments.

6. Clean up around outdoor garbage cans and dumpsters to eliminate any food residue that may be present. Which can attract crazy ants searching for food sources near your building or yard space .

7. Use ant baits inside strategic spots around high traffic areas. Such as doorways, windowsills, and along baseboards in order to kill off existing colonies. While preventing future generations from invading again .

8. Utilize strong vacuum cleaners with attachments. Like crevice tools to suck up wild crazy ant colonies. Living inside wall voids or underneath floorboards before they can spread throughout the rest of the building  .

9. Avoid over-watering plants in gardens both inside and surrounding a structure. Since too much moisture can encourage an increase in ant populations. Which can eventually cause problems inside homes and businesses alike .

10. Completely remove any standing puddles found outside near foundations. Since this creates ideal breeding grounds for crazy ants as well as other insect species.

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