Are Drug Store Beetles a Common Pest in Rutherford County Tennessee

drug store beetles rutherford county tennessee

Drug Store Beetles are a common pest in Rutherford County Tennessee. They can be found infesting homes and businesses. Causing damage to food and fabric items. In particular, these pests pose a threat to stored foods. Such as flour, cereals, spices, coffee beans and pet food. They can also damage wool, leather, horns and fabrics that may be stored in the home or business.

These insects have adapted well to human environments. They prefer dark places with plenty of moisture. Drug Store Beetles reproduce quickly with each female capable of laying up to 100 eggs at once. These eggs are often laid in stored food products. Also, other dry conditions such as pantries or cupboards.

It is important for people living in Rutherford County Tennessee to regularly inspect their homes for signs of these pests. Such as small holes or webs around food packages or a musty odor coming from cupboards or pantries. If any signs of an infestation are found it is important to contact a professional exterminator for assistance. They will help in getting rid of them before more damage is done.

All food items should be inspected for evidence of an infestation. Such as holes in packaging materials or gnaw marks on product surfaces. Any contaminated products should be discarded immediately. Non-food items such as wool and leather should also be checked for signs of damage caused by these pests. Vacuuming all affected areas can help to remove any adult beetles or larvae that may be present. Also make sure that food items are properly sealed in airtight. Containers made out of plastic or glass to prevent access by these insects.

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