Ways on Preventing Drug Store Beetles in Rutherford County Tennessee

drug store beetles rutherford county tennessee

7 Ways on Preventing Drug Store Beetles

  1. Keep food stored in air-tight containers. Food items such as flour and cereals that may be attractive to drug store beetles. Should always be stored in air-tight containers or jars to prevent the larvae from accessing it. This will also help keep other pests such as ants, cockroaches, and mice away.

2. Vacuum often: Vacuuming cracks, crevices, and other areas of your Rutherford County home or office. This can help reduce the number of drug store beetles present. Be sure to vacuum thoroughly and often to ensure that all potential breeding sites are eliminated.

3. Inspect for damage. It is important to regularly inspect your furniture, bookshelves, and carpets. For signs of damage caused by drug store beetles such as tiny holes in fabrics or wood. If any signs of infestation are found. Contact a professional exterminator immediately for help with treatment options.

4. Discard affected items: Any items that have been damaged by drug store beetles should be discarded immediately. Instead of trying to repair them as the larvae could still be present inside the fibers.  Which would require more intensive treatment methods than those available through a professional exterminator.

4 more Ways Preventing Drug Store Beetles

5. Seal entry points: Ensure doors and windows are properly sealed with weather stripping or caulk. So that drug store beetles cannot enter your property from outside sources. Examine the exterior of your home or business regularly. For holes or cracks in walls which could provide an ideal access point for these pests to get into your building structure.

6. Use natural insecticides: Natural insecticides can help deter certain species of drug store beetle. While being much safer than chemical products on humans and animals alike. Use essential oils like peppermint oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, thyme oil, lemongrass oil, cedarwood oil etc. They can be diluted with water then sprayed around where activity has been noticed. Also look for potential nesting sites exist as a deterrent measure against future infestations occurring within the Rutherford County area.

7. Avoid clutter: Keeping all areas free from excess clutter will limit places where larvae can nest comfortably. This includes getting rid of old furniture pieces that have been sitting around for too long. Also, reducing general clutter throughout the premises at all times .  Additionally avoid storing fabrics like blankets near windows. Since they can create ideal conditions for drug store beetle larvae to hatch and multiply quickly. If left unmonitored over time

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