Ways on Preventing Earwigs in Rutherford County Tennessee

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9 Ways on Preventing Earwigs

  1. Make sure to keep windows and doors sealed off with screens and weather stripping. This will help to keep earwigs out of your home or business.
  2. Clear any organic debris from the outside of your house. Such as fallen leaves, mulch, and grass clippings. These can provide a hideout for earwigs and other pests.

3. Keep outdoor lighting to a minimum. Earwigs are attracted to bright lights, so reducing their availability can deter them from entering your property.

4. Use insecticidal sprays around door frames, window sills, and potential entry points into the home or business to discourage earwigs from entering buildings in Rutherford County Tennessee.

5. When gardening, remove weeds and dead plants promptly before they become harborages for earwigs and other insects that could later enter your home or business premises.

4 More ways on Preventing Earwigs

6. Seal any cracks or crevices in walls that could provide access points for earwig invasion in Rutherford County Tennessee by using caulk or expanding foam sealant to close up any openings that are larger than ΒΌ inch wide.

7. Place sticky traps around potential hiding spots (such as under kitchen appliances) to help catch any potential earwig invaders early on before they have a chance to spread throughout the building or home in Rutherford County Tennessee.

8. Set bait boxes with an insecticide inside around suspected entry points such as vents into the attic or basement crawl spaces where earwigs may try to gain access inside of the structure in Rutherford County Tennessee.

9. Eliminate damp areas around the house by fixing leaky pipes and redirecting water away from foundations with proper drainage systems . Earwigs thrive in moist environments , so this will eliminate conditions that attract them .

This is just a Few FAQs on Earwigs

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