Ways on Preventing Fire Ants in Rutherford County Tennessee

fire ants rutherford county tennessee

9 Ways Preventing Fire Ants

  1. Remove any items from around the home that provide shelter for fire ants, such as logs, rocks, and debris piles.
  2. Reduce water availability near the home by making sure gutters are free of debris and there are no standing puddles of water.

3. Keep mulch beds away from the foundation of your home so fire ants don’t build nests close to it.

4. Avoid disturbing or disturbing ant mounds as this will cause them to spread into other areas looking for food and shelter.

5. Make sure outdoor trash cans have tight-fitting lids to prevent fire ants from scavenging in them.

6. Discourage potential sources of food near the home, such as pet dishes and bird feeders which may attract these pests in search of a meal.

7. Avoid using insecticides or baits around your property unless they are specifically formulated for use against fire ants; instead opt for natural methods such as pouring boiling water on ant mounds as a way to kill them off without introducing chemicals into the environment.

8. Mow grass regularly and keep it short so it doesn’t provide cover for fire ants to nest in; additionally, trim shrubs and trees back away from the house so that fire ants can’t create paths between their nests and potential food sources inside your home (e.g., kitchen pantry).

9. Have regular inspections done by a professional pest control company who can identify areas where fire ant activity is occurring and suggest treatment methods to eradicate them before they become a larger infestation problem on your property or in Rutherford County Tennessee overall .Educate yourself about how to recognize signs of an active fire ant colony, including mounds located anywhere on your property (even indoors) with holes at its base indicating tunnels leading down below ground level where queens lay eggs and workers take care of their larvae; look out also for flying swarms which indicate mating has occurred (and a colony is likely established nearby).

Prevent Problems with Fire ants by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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