Ways on Preventing Fleas in Rutherford County, Tennessee

fleas rutherford county tennessee

10 Ways on Preventing Fleas

  1. Vacuum your home regularly, particularly in areas where pets sleep or spend time. Vacuuming removes flea eggs and larvae from carpeting and furniture, which can prevent them from developing into adults.
  2. Keep grass short around the perimeter of your home, as well as any playgrounds, decks and patios. Long grass provides a hiding place for fleas and their eggs.

3. Use pet flea prevention products like spot-on treatments, sprays or collars. They must contain insect growth regulators (IGRs). These products will kill adult fleas and help prevent the egg cycle of fleas. By preventing the development of immature stages into adults.

4. Bathe your pet regularly using a special shampoo designed to kill fleas on contact. Rinse thoroughly afterwards with clean water to remove any residue left on the skin or coat. Which could irritate your pet’s skin further. Make sure you follow up with a good quality flea spray or collar to keep the fleas at bay afterwards.

5. Wash all bedding and other fabric items regularly in hot water. This is to eliminate any potential infestations in these areas. As well as some hidden crevices where they may be hiding out waiting for their next meal!

6. Check outdoor areas for signs of wildlife. Who might be bringing in unwanted guests such as foxes, raccoons, opossums, mice or rats. Who are known carriers of fleas so action can be taken if needed before they become an issue indoors too!

7. Make sure window screens are secure so they don’t become entry points for unwanted pests. Like ants, spiders and especially fleas who love warm temperatures inside homes when it’s cold outside!

8. Regularly inspect both cats and dogs for signs of fleas. Such as biting sensations on their fur or small dark specks. Which could indicate eggs. If you find anything suspicious. Be sure to take immediate action by talking to your vet. About suitable products available for controlling a potential infestation quickly!

9. Be aware that even indoor only cats. They can get fleas if visitors are bringing them in on their clothes or shoes. So it’s always good practice to take care when people. Especially, when they come over from outside Rutherford County Tennessee!

10. Finally – Don’t forget about yourself. While our furry friends may seem like the obvious suspects. When it comes to becoming infested with parasites. Humans too can become affected by these pesky pests if travelling overseas. So always check carefully before leaving home!

Prevent Problems with Fleas by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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