Are Fruit Flies a Common Pest in Rutherford County Tennessee

fruit flies rutherford county tennessee

Yes, fruit flies are a common pest in Rutherford County Tennessee. These flying insects are attracted to the area by the abundance of fruits and vegetables that grow here, including bananas, apples, peppers, tomatoes, and squash. As summer approaches and the produce ripens, they become more numerous by the day.

Fruit flies multiply quickly because they have short life cycles and can lay up to 500 eggs at once. The larvae feed off of rotting fruits or vegetables on the ground or in damp areas around trash cans or compost bins. Female fruit flies can live up to 30 days while males only live for 7-10 days.

Once inside your home, these pesky pests can be difficult to get rid of. As they’re attracted to sweet smells like ripe fruit or sugary drinks or food. That’s been left out in open containers or on the counter. To control them you must eliminate their food sources like rotting produce and any water sources. Such as sinks or drains where pools of standing water may form.

You should also take steps to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. Such as keeping all windows and doors closed when possible. Since fruit flies can easily fly through small openings. Additionally you should regularly deep clean your kitchen to eliminate any potential breeding grounds for these pests. As even a tiny amount of spilled organic matter is enough for them to lay their eggs in.

In conclusion, while Rutherford County is known for its plentiful produce it also means an abundance of fruit flies during certain times of year needing proper prevention measures taken in order to keep them away from our homes!

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