Ways on Preventing Fruit Flies in Rutherford County Tennessee

fruit flies rutherford county tennessee

7 Ways on Preventing Fruit Flies

  1. Keep produce items in the refrigerator whenever possible. produce that’s often kept at room temperature, like apples and oranges, should be discarded if it shows any signs of decay. Rotten fruit can attract fruit flies into your home.
  2. Regularly clean up kitchen surfaces, especially around sinks and drains where spilled liquid can provide food for these tiny pests. Since fruit flies only need a small amount of food to survive, even a few crumbs or drops of liquid can be enough to draw them in.

3. Check all window and door screens so they fit tightly over openings to keep out adult fruit flies from outside.

4. Clean uncovered garbage cans promptly after each use and make sure to seal off the lid so the bugs can’t get in or out easily. Empty the contents regularly and never let any trash accumulate for extended periods of time as this is another great way to attract unwanted pests into your home or business premises.

3 More Ways on Preventing Fruit Flies

5. If you notice clusters of small insects buzzing around potted plants near windowsills, it may be a sign of an infestation from fungus gnats; these pests are closely related to fruit flies and look very similar but have different life cycles and behaviors than their counterparts do. To get rid of fungus gnats, cover the soil with paper towels or place sticky traps on top of the potting soil; this will catch adult gnats before they have a chance to lay new eggs inside the potting soil which will then hatch into larvae (maggots). To prevent future infestations from occurring, change out the paper towels/sticky traps regularly and apply neem oil or other insecticidal soap as needed when you spot maggots on stems or roots of your indoor plants!

6. Pay special attention to kitchen appliances such as blenders or juicers that could contain organic matter like leftover juice or smoothies–fruit flies love these types of wet conditions! Make sure to rinse them thoroughly after each use as well as keeping lids closed tight on all containers that hold liquids such as milk jugs, soda bottles, etc., since leaving them open will attract more pests into your Rutherford County Tennessee home!

7. Treat any standing water sources in basements or yards with insecticides designed specifically for killing fruit fly larvae–these products contain Bti (Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis) which is an effective biological control agent that targets mosquito larvae but also works against other aquatic insects including fungus gnats & fruit fly maggots!

Prevent Problems with Fruit Flies by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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