FAQs on Hornets in Rutherford County Tennessee

hornets rutherford county tennessee

5 Common FAQs on Hornets

Q: Where can I find hornets in Rutherford County?

A: Hornets can be found throughout the entire county. They are more common during spring and summer months. Also, they tend to build their nests in hollow trees, attics, woodpiles, and other sheltered areas. They also like to feed on nectar and other sweet liquids like fruit juice and soft drinks.

Q: Are hornets dangerous?

A: Hornets can become aggressive if disturbed. If their nest is threatened in any way so it is important to be cautious when near a nest. Although they have the capability to sting multiple times. Usually their stings are not fatal unless you are allergic or get stung multiple times.


Q: How do I identify a hornet’s nest?

A: Hornets typically create large papery nests that hang from tree branches or eaves of buildings. The nest will be shaped like an upside down tear drop. Or a cone with a single entrance at the bottom that looks like a hole. The nests are typically greyish-brown in color. With some yellow stripes or markings depending on the species of hornet living inside.


Q: What types of hornets live in Rutherford County?

A: The most common types of hornets found in Rutherford County. They are baldfaced hornets (Dolichovespula maculata) and European hornets (Vespa crabro). The baldfaced hornet is black and white. While European hornets have yellow and brown coloring with some black markings around their eyes and face area.


Q: How can I prevent infestation by hornets?

A: To prevent infestations by hornets around your home. Make sure all areas are kept clean and free of food debris. Which could attract them to the area. Trim any overgrown shrubs or trees away from your house. As this is where they might potentially build their nests. Also, always check for signs of infestation before undertaking any outdoor activities. Such as barbecues or picnics as these places could provide shelter for them too!

This is just a Few FAQs on Hornets

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