Are Crickets a Common Pest in Rutherford County Tennessee

house crickets rutherford county tennessee

Yes, crickets are a common pest in Rutherford County Tennessee. While they are usually harmless to humans. These insects can sometimes become a nuisance due to their chirping and the potential damage they can cause to gardens.

Crickets come in various shapes and sizes. With some species having wings that enable them to fly short distances. However, the most commonly found cricket species in Rutherford County is the House Cricket. Which has a black and brown body with yellowish-white stripes stretching along its sides.

As summer approaches, the temperature increases and humidity rises—conditions that favor cricket populations. When this happens, these pests can enter homes through open doors or windows, cracks in walls or other openings around the house. Once inside, adult crickets will seek dark places like basements or attics to hide during the day while they search for food at night.

Not only can crickets damage plants by eating them but they can also cause damage within homes due to their habit of chewing on fabrics such as clothing and furniture upholstery. Additionally, female crickets lay eggs in damp areas including crawlspaces and basements which could lead to an even larger population of these pests if left unchecked.

Homeowners should take proactive steps when dealing with cricket infestations such as sealing cracks around windows and doors as well as caulking any other potential points of entry for these bugs. Additionally, it may be beneficial to use insecticides or baits specifically made for crickets or other crawling insects since this is often more effective than traditional repellents like mothballs or citronella candles.

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