FAQs on Crickets in Rutherford County, Tennessee

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Common FAQs on Crickets

Q: Are crickets common in Rutherford County, Tennessee?

A: Yes. Crickets are a common sight in the gardens and yards of Rutherford County, Tennessee. During warm summer nights, the chirping of the male cricket is often heard. They do this to try to attract females. In fact, some species can be found in great numbers during late summer and early fall.

Q: What do crickets eat?

A: Crickets feed on a wide variety of plant material such as leaves, bark, fruit, and grasses. They also feed on smaller insects such as aphids, scale insects, caterpillars and even spiders! Some larger species may even feed on small rodents or birds that wander too close to their burrows.


Q: Are crickets beneficial to gardens?

A: Yes! While some gardeners view them as pests. Due to their chirping and damage to plants. Crickets can actually be beneficial for gardens. Because they help control populations of smaller insects that can damage plants more severely.


Q: How can I keep crickets away from my garden?

A: Keeping your garden well maintained. This will make it less attractive to crickets looking for a food source. Removing weeds regularly can help reduce the number of potential hiding places for the pests. If you find an infestation of crickets already present in your garden. There are various traps available at local hardware stores that will help catch them without harm. There are also natural repellents such as garlic or essential oils. Like citronella or peppermint oil diluted with water and sprayed around the perimeter of your garden. 

This is just a Few FAQs on Crickets


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