Ways on Preventing Crickets in Rutherford County, Tennessee

house crickets rutherford county tennessee

8 Ways Preventing Crickets

  1. Keep the area around your home clean and free of debris. Remove any wood piles, garbage, or leaves that can provide shelter for crickets.
  2. Remove any standing water from your property as it can attract crickets that need moisture to survive.

3. Plant insect-repelling plants such as marigolds in your garden to keep crickets away.

4. Move mulch away from the foundation of your house. Also, ensure that all areas of your yard are free of mulch, leaves, and tall grasses. As these areas can provide a harborage for crickets. Additionally, be sure to seal any cracks in the foundation of the home or garage. This will discourage them from entering those areas and setting up shop indoors!

4 Additional Ways on Preventing Crickets

5. Make sure windows and door screens are tight fitting. So crickets cannot get through and into the home or other living spaces.

6. Use a dehumidifier in rooms prone to humidity or dampness. Including basements, crawlspaces, and garages as this will help reduce favorable conditions. For crickets breeding in those areas or trying to gain access into them.

7. Professional pest control services may also be able to help by using bait and traps. Specifically designed for crickets which can target them in their hiding places. Without having to use any harmful chemicals indoors or outdoors near their food sources around homes. Where there are pets or children present who might otherwise come into contact with those pesticides directly!

8. Install yellow bug lights outside entryways like doors and windows. These lights have been found to deter many types of pests. Including some species of cricket by emitting ultraviolet rays. Which attract fewer insects than traditional white light bulbs typically do!


Prevent Problems with Crickets by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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