FAQs on House Spiders in Rutherford County Tennessee

house spiders rutherford county tennessee

Common FAQs on Spiders

Q: Are house spiders common in Rutherford County Tennessee?

A: Yes, house spiders are very common throughout the county. In fact, they can often be found living around homes and other buildings, as well as in wooded areas and fields. They typically build webs near windows and other entrances to capture their insect prey.

Q: What is the average size of a house spider?

A: House spiders generally range between 6-20mm in length, with females typically being larger than males. The size of a house spider also varies depending on its species.


Q: Do house spiders bite humans?

A: No, while house spiders may bite if they feel threatened or provoked, their bites are harmless to humans because their venom is not strong enough to cause harm.


Q: How do I get rid of house spiders?

A: The best way to keep your home free from unwanted guests like house spiders is to regularly clean and vacuum your home; this will help remove any webs that have been built by the spiders and discourage them from returning. Additionally, seal any cracks or openings around windows and doors that could allow entry for these pests. Lastly, you can use insecticides or pesticides designed for indoor spider control to reduce populations of these pests inside your home.


Q: Are there any natural remedies for controlling house spiders?

A: Yes, there are several natural methods for eliminating and preventing an infestation of house spiders. For example, you can use essential oils such as peppermint oil or tea tree oil as a natural repellent against these pests; simply spray the mixture around doorways and window frames or directly onto the spider web itself. Additionally, you can use diatomaceous earth as a natural pesticide that has no chemicals or toxins; simply sprinkle it around entry points into your home such as windowsills and doorframes to keep away any unwanted visitors.

This was just a few FAQs on Spiders

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