Are Ladybugs a Common Pest in Rutherford County, Tennessee

ladybugs rutherford county tennessee

Rutherford County is home to various species of ladybugs, including the Asian ladybug. This species was introduced to the United States from Asia in order to reduce the population of aphids, particularly those that feed on soybean crops. While helpful for controlling these pesky insects, Asian ladybugs can become a nuisance when they congregate in large numbers and prepare to hibernate in fall and winter.

Ladybugs are attracted to light-colored homes and other buildings due to the warmth they radiate. Unfortunately, once they enter your home, it can be difficult to get rid of them. It’s best not to disturb them as they may release an unpleasant odor or fluid if disturbed or threatened.


In most cases, leaving ladybugs alone is the best approach since they will eventually leave on their own when spring arrives. If you would like to speed up the process. You may use a shop vacuum with a clean bag or cloth padding at the bottom for easy collection. Once collected, release them outdoors.


For more serious infestations, it’s best to seek professional pest control help. Use a licensed pest management technicians like Pyramid Pest Control. They will conduct an inspection of your property and provide treatments such as spraying residual insecticides around your home’s perimeter. Both in spring and fall as most effective way of keeping away ladybugs from your home for good.


Be sure report any sightings of Asian Ladybugs in Rutherford County Tennessee. So that authorities can better track migration patterns and prevent further spread across the area. This species has been known to cause agricultural damage due its voracious appetite for vegetable matter and plant life. So acting proactively is important!


We hope you found this information useful! Please contact Pyramid Pest Control if you have any questions about Ladybugs in Rutherford County TN. Of if you need assistance with infestation removal or prevention measures.

Prevent Problems with ladybugs by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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