Ways on Preventing Ladybugs in Rutherford County, Tennessee

preventing ladybugs in rutherford county tennessee

10 Ways on Preventing Ladybugs

  1. An easy way on preventing ladybugs is to seal any gaps or holes around the outside of your home. Such as near window and door frames, to make it more difficult for ladybugs to gain access.
  2. Install screens on windows and doors in order to keep ladybugs out while still allowing light and air flow into your home.
  3. Use insect repellents or insecticides around the outside perimeter of your home in order to create a barrier against invading ladybugs.

4. Keep your yard free of debris, weeds, and overgrown vegetation where ladybugs may congregate. Additionally, clear away fallen leaves and other organic matter that may attract them.

5. Plant Ladybug-repelling plants around the exterior of your property, such as lavender or mint which have scents that ladybugs dislike.

6. Avoid installing lights or other sources of warmth near doors and windows where ladybugs may be drawn in from the outside.

4 Additional Ways on Preventing Ladybugs

7. If you already have a large population of Asian Ladybugs in your area, use an insect-proof mesh netting on open windows and vents to ensure they do not enter your home during fall and winter when they are preparing for hibernation season.

8. Move outdoor furniture away from walls of homes so that ladybugs do not use them as bridges to gain entry into living spaces inside the home.

9. Nearby drains should be covered with lids or grates to prevent any infestation that could occur if water builds up in these areas providing an attractive space for ladybugs looking for moisture during hot summer days in Rutherford County Tennessee.

10. Make sure that all food prep areas indoors are kept clean at all times so as not to attract hungry lady bugs looking for scraps and crumbs inside your home!

There are Many Ways on Preventing Ladybugs this is just 10

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