Ways on Preventing Mice in Rutherford County, Tennessee

mice rutherford county tennessee

10 Ways on Preventing Mice

  1. Seal all potential entry points around the exterior of the home. Look for gaps in window frames and door frames, cracks in walls or foundations, torn screens on windows and doors, and openings around utility pipes, wires, and vents. Use a caulk gun to seal up any possible entry points with silicone or polyurethane caulk.
  2. Keep food stored properly and off the floor. Make sure all food items are sealed in airtight containers and stored away from mice’s reach. Any open packages or boxes should be kept in metal canisters with a tight-fitting lid.

3. Clean up spills quickly, store food away from the floor, and take out trash regularly. Mice can survive on very small amounts of food and water, so it is important to eliminate any potential sources of hydration or nutrition that may attract them into your home.

4. Eliminate clutter in areas where mice hide such as basements, attics, cupboards, closets and storage sheds as clutter provides more hiding places for them to nest in your home.

5. Place snap traps along walls inside the house near areas where droppings have been found or where you think they are living near baseboards or corners of rooms or behind large appliances like refrigerators or stoves. Use gloves when setting snap traps and check them daily to see if they need resetting as well as removing any trapped mice promptly (and disposing of them) so they don’t decompose inside your walls creating an unpleasant smell throughout your house!

5 More Ways on Preventing Mice

6. Place natural repellents such as peppermint oil, catnip tea bags , garlic cloves , steel wool , mothballs , cayenne pepper flakes , ammonia soaked rags , etc., in areas where mice tend to congregate. These will help keep them away from those areas without harming people or pets which makes it a safe option compared to using toxic chemicals!

7. Avoid leaving pet food out overnight. Try storing it indoors in airtight containers and only leave enough out for one meal at a time. This will help deter mice from coming into your home looking for an easy meal!

8. Trim back tree branches & shrubs located close to your home’s exterior. This will make it harder for mice to climb up onto rooftops & gain access into the attic through holes & openings found there!

9. Apply rodent proofing materials such as metal mesh over holes & openings on the outside of buildings. This helps prevent rodents from entering through those small spaces while still allowing air flow & drainage out when needed!

10. Have regular professional pest control inspections done by certified technicians that know how to identify mouse infestations before they become serious problems. They can also identify other potential pest issues like ants & spiders that could be present too!

Prevent Problems with Mice by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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