Ways on Preventing House Ants in Rutherford County, Tennessee

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10 Ways on Preventing House Ants

  1. Seal any cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home, including doors and windows. This will prevent odorous house ants from entering the premises.
  2. Trim back any bushes or trees near your house so as to minimize their access points into your home.

3. Place weather stripping along thresholds and door jambs to further reduce ant access into your home.

4. Keep outdoor areas free of food scraps and crumbs, as these can attract odorous house ants to the property.

5. Regularly inspect utilities like pipes, air conditioning units, and other potential entry points for ants in search of food or shelter.

6. Remove any dead wood lying around the yard that might act as a nesting area for odorous house ants and other insects such as termites or carpenter ants.

7. Store firewood away from the house, preferably on elevated platforms well off the ground to avoid attracting ants up into your personal space via crawling pathways up tree trunks or along branches hanging over roof lines close to your home’s interior walls or foundations leading indoors..

3 Additional Ways on Preventing House Ants

8. Utilize professional pest control services if necessary – especially if you have an infestation already underway inside your home that is not abating with DIY solutions alone – as pest management professionals are trained in identifying signs of ant activity within Rutherford County Tennessee homes and how best to treat them accordingly with specialized treatments designed for maximum impact with minimal environmental disruption when possible..

9. Use ant baits containing an active ingredient like Fipronil around doorways and window sills where these small invaders may be entering from outside; this will allow them to take bait with them back to their colony for elimination, thus reducing their numbers significantly without having to resort to more intrusive pesticide applications directly onto active nests within walls or under floors which may also potentially harm any beneficial insect/arthropod populations in addition to the targeted species you’re trying to eradicate..

10. Place sticky barrier tape (such as double-sided flypaper) around baseboards where odorous house ants may be traveling; this will cause them physical injury when they get stuck while attempting in vain to cross it, thereby reducing population numbers within structures plus acting as a warning system since other ant members will not attempt crossing the same spots after witnessing their dying comrades stuck on it..

Prevent Problems with Odorous House Ants by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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