Ways on Preventing Oriental Cockroaches in Rutherford County, Tennessee

oriental cockroaches rutherford county tennessee

8 Ways on Preventing Oriental Cockroaches

  1. Seal cracks and crevices in your home: Ensure that any potential entrances for Oriental cockroaches are sealed up with a strong silicone-based sealant. Pay attention to areas around pipes, door frames, windows, baseboards, and other common entry points.
  2. Eliminate excess moisture: Oriental cockroaches are attracted to moist areas such as basements or bathrooms. Eliminate the excess moisture by using a dehumidifier or cleaning up spills quickly.

3. Regularly inspect the exterior of your home: Pay special attention to any openings near doors and windows, as well as vents and chimneys; seal or repair any holes or gaps that could allow entry for Oriental cockroaches inside your home.

4. Store food properly: Keep food sealed in airtight containers and/or stored in the refrigerator; never leave food out overnight as it will attract roaches into your home.

5. Regularly clean up around your house: Vacuum carpets regularly; clean up messes on counters and floors immediately; avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight; empty trash cans often; and sweep up crumbs from floors and countertops.

3 Additional ways on Preventing Oriental Cockroaches

6. Utilize traps: Place sticky traps under furniture and appliances where roaches hide during the day; these traps will help you identify how many roaches are entering your home so that you can take action accordingly to prevent further infestations from taking hold.

7. Utilize bait stations: Place bait stations filled with insecticide around the outside of your home to reduce the number of roaches making their way inside; check regularly to make sure they are still effective at repelling roaches away from your dwelling.

8. Implement natural solutions: Consider using natural repellents such as diatomaceous earth powder which will dehydrate the exoskeleton of any roach that comes into contact with it, killing them effectively without having to rely on toxic chemicals found in insecticides and baits..

Information on Oriental Cockroaches

FAQs on Oriental Cockroaches

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