Are Pharaoh Ants a Common Pest in Rutherford County, Tennessee

pharaoh ants rutherford county tennessee

Yes, Pharaoh ants have become a common pest throughout the state of Tennessee and especially in Rutherford County. It is not uncommon to find Pharaoh ants infesting homes, businesses, hospitals and other commercial properties. These small pests can create large colonies with their ability to bud when disturbed, making them especially hard to eradicate.

In their natural environment, Pharaoh ants feed on other insects such as caterpillars and aphids. However, they are also scavengers who will feed on human food sources including sweets, oils, fats and proteins. They also seek out water sources for sustenance and moist areas for nesting sites. Due to their minuscule size and light coloration, these ants are hard to detect and are often found living in dark crevices indoors or outdoors.

Pharaoh ants pose a serious health risk due to their proclivity for spreading bacteria and disease. They go from one area of an infested house or business to another. They may transmit pathogens that cause salmonellosis and staphylococcal food poisoning. If their contaminated bodies come into contact with food items or utensils used for preparation or consumption. Furthermore, these pests have been known to carry parasitic microorganisms. That can cause malaria-like symptoms in humans if they bite an infected person.

To help prevent infestations of ants it is important to regularly inspect your home’s interior and exterior for signs of activity. As well as potential harborages where the pests might nest such as behind furniture or appliances or even inside wall voids. Additionally it is helpful to keep food stored properly (in airtight containers), keep counters clean from spilled crumbs or juice stains, seal all cracks around doors/windows/baseboards with caulk/putty etc., fill any outdoor holes around the perimeter of the house & landscape properly (remove debris & decaying wood where possible). Finally regular pest control treatments are recommended by professional exterminators. They will be able to provide additional protection against infestations of Pharaoh Ants in Rutherford County Tennessee.

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