FAQs on Pillbugs in Rutherford County, Tennessee

pillbugs rutherford county tn

5 Common FAQs on Pillbugs

Q: What are pillbugs?

A: Pillbugs are unique land-living crustaceans that can grow up to three-quarters of an inch long. When disturbed, they curl up into a ball as a way to protect themselves. They feed on decaying plant leaves and other decomposing materials which makes them beneficial in garden areas by helping to get rid of decaying plant materials. Unfortunately, they can become an unwanted nuisance when they find their way into our homes and other structures.

Q: How do I know if I have a pillbug infestation in Rutherford County, Tennessee?

A: If you notice these small crab-like creatures in your home or yard, it is likely that you have a pillbug infestation. Other indicators include spots of mud or tiny holes along the baseboards or walls inside your home, as well as plants showing signs of decay, such as wilting leaves or dead foliage.


Q: What can I do about a pillbug infestation in my Rutherford County home?

A: There are several steps you can take to help reduce the chance of a pillbug infestation in your home. These steps include removing sources of moisture around your foundation – such as standing water – eliminating sources of food for the bugs like rotting vegetation, sealing cracks and crevices around windows and doorways with caulk or weatherstripping, and using dehumidifiers and fans to keep humidity levels low inside your home.


Q: Are there any effective chemical treatments for controlling pillbugs?

A: Yes, there are insecticides available that can be used to kill pillbugs in your Rutherford County home. These products should only be used if all other methods have failed since some chemical insecticides may be toxic to pets or humans if not applied properly according to manufacturer instructions. It is best to consult with a qualified exterminator before attempting chemical treatments for controlling pillbugs.


Q: Are there any natural remedies for controlling pillbugs?

A: Yes, there are various natural remedies that may help control the number of pillbugs found in your Rutherford County home. These methods include using diatomaceous earth (DE) which is an abrasive powder made from fossilized algae that creates microscopic cuts on the exoskeleton of insects and dehydration them; setting up sticky traps near areas where you’ve seen these pests; and introducing predatory insects like centipedes into the area which will naturally prey on these pests.

That was just a few FAQs on Pillbugs

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