FAQs on Rats in Rutherford County, Tennessee

roof rats rutherford county tn

5 Common FAQs on Rats

Q: What are roof rats?

A: Roof rats are a type of rodent and a widespread invader of both Tennessee homes and businesses. They have thin bodies covered in dark brown or black fur, with gray hairs scattered throughout, and their underbellies are a lighter color. Roof rats grow to between 6 and 8 inches in length, and their tail adds another 6-8 inches. Other physical features include a pointed nose, large ears, dark eyes, and a scaly, hairless tail.

Q: Where do roof rats live?

A: Roof rats prefer to live in warm climates such as those found in the southeastern United States including Tennessee. They are very agile climbers that can access buildings via trees or other structures connected to the roof. In addition to living on rooftops, they will nest in attics, walls and even garages.


Q: How do I know if my property has roof rats?

A: The sounds of chewing from within walls or ceiling voids is an indication that you may have an infestation of roof rats. Other signs include droppings that are up to ½ inch long with pointed ends; gnaw marks on wood beams or wiring; shredded insulation; burrows at baseboards or wall corners; tracks/footprints on dusty surfaces; damaged fruits and vegetables found near entry points; and rub marks along baseboards where grease from their fur has transferred onto walls (especially noticeable at night when lights turn on).


Q: Are roof rats dangerous?

A: Yes! Not only do these rodents chew through wires which can cause electrical fires but they also contaminate food sources with fleas which can spread diseases such as typhus fever and murine typhus. Furthermore, droppings from these rodents contain bacteria that can lead to Leptospirosis which is known as “rat fever” – this is especially dangerous for pregnant women who contract it as it can lead to miscarriage. Finally, because of their agility and climbing skills they may also be able to access refuge areas such as bedrooms or other living spaces making contact with humans more likely – leading to bites or scratches if provoked.

This was just a Few FAQs on Rats

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