Ways on Preventing Ants in Rutherford County, TN

rover ants rutherford county tn

9 Ways on Preventing Ants

  1. Seal all entry points around your home such as cracks and crevices, doors, windows, and any small openings. Look for signs of rover ants’ trails in your yard and make sure to seal those off as well.
  2. Clean up food residue and liquids that may be left out or spilled – these can attract foraging ants, so it is important to keep all surfaces in your kitchen area clean from crumbs and spills.

3. Trim trees and shrubs close to the house regularly to prevent ant nests or colonies from forming near your home.

4. Ant baits are an effective way to eliminate rover ant populations that have already invaded your property; however, you should use caution when using them because they can be dangerous if ingested by pets or children. Place the baits in areas where the ants travel frequently, such as along baseboards or under appliances.

5. If you notice large numbers of rover ants around your perimeter, consider getting professional help to treat the problem with insecticides – this will not only kill the existing ants but also prevent new ones from entering the property.

4 Additional Ways on Preventing Ants

6. Use natural deterrents such as artificial barriers made of powdered chalk or talcum powder which can disrupt pheromone trails used by these ants to orient themselves in their environment; or scatter citrus peels on ant runways which contain compounds that repel these insects naturally.

7. Check plants for infestations before bringing them into your home – rover ants love warm moist environments like planters and garden beds so inspect them carefully before introducing potentially infected material into your living space.

8. Keep garbage cans sealed tightly with tight fitting lids to prevent odors from attracting foraging ants looking for food sources inside the garbage can liner.

9. Mow your lawn regularly and rake up leaves where possible, since these areas provide a perfect spot for rovers to establish themselves without being noticed right away by humans who walk by them every day

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