FAQs on Silverfish in Rutherford County, Tennessee

silverfish rutherford county tn

6 FAQs on Silverfish

Q: How do I get rid of silverfish in my home?

A: The best way to control a silverfish infestation is to eliminate any excessive moisture or sources of food around your home. This can be done by ensuring proper ventilation, cleaning up food crumbs quickly, closing off potential entry points such as cracks or crevices, and keeping humidity levels low with dehumidifiers or air conditioning units. Additionally, using insecticides labeled for use on silverfish can help reduce their numbers.

Q: What species of silverfish are present in Rutherford County? 

A: The most common species of silverfish found in Rutherford County, Tennessee is the grey silverfish (Ctenolepisma longicaudata). They can also be found in various other colors such as black and brown.


Q: What types of damage can silverfish cause in Rutherford County? 

A: Silverfish are mainly nuisance pests rather than causing any significant harm to humans or structures. However, they have been known to chew through paper items such as books and photographs. Secondly, feed on non-food items such as glue and fabrics, Thirdly, they contaminate food sources with their feces. 


Q: Do silverfish bite humans?

A: Silverfish do not bite humans and instead feed on starchy items like paper products or cereals. They are unable to penetrate human skin. So bites are not something to worry about when dealing with this pest species.


Q: Is it safe to have silverfish living in my home?

A: Having silverfish living in your home is generally considered safe. Also, they do not spread disease or cause significant damage. However, they can cause long term damage if left unchecked. Due to their tendency to eat through paper items. Such as books or stored documents and clothing made from natural fibers like cotton or wool. Therefore it is important to take measures to prevent an infestation from occurring within your home if possible.


Q: Are there any natural methods for getting rid of silverfish?

A: Yes! There are several methods for controlling a silverfish population naturally. Especially, that do not involve the use of chemicals or insecticides. Including utilizing mothballs around areas where the pests may enter your house. Such as door frames or windowsills. Using diatomaceous earth which acts as a desiccant. That absorbs moisture from their bodies causing them to die off. Sprinkling borax powder around areas where they may be present. Which acts both as a repellent and dehydrates them resulting in death after prolonged contact with it.

Just a Few FAQs on Silverfish

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