Are Sowbugs a Common Pest in Rutherford County, Tennessee

sowbugs rutherford county tn

Sowbugs are indeed a common pest in Rutherford County, Tennessee. These small crustaceans live and feed on decaying vegetation. Also, can be found in areas with high moisture levels such as gardens, foundations of buildings, and other damp spots. They are most active at night when the humidity is highest.

Sowbugs have become an even more widespread problem. Due to the mild climate experienced throughout much of Tennessee. The warm temperatures allow for sowbug populations to thrive year-round in this area, making them an ongoing nuisance for residents. In addition to the warm weather, sowbugs are also attracted to moist organic matter like mulch or grass clippings which can be found in many yards throughout the region.

One of the main concerns associated with sowbug infestations is that large populations can damage young plants. Obviously, by feeding on their roots or leaves. Thus it is important to take steps to prevent and/or control these pests if they become an issue. Otherwise they may cause extensive damage to both lawns and gardens.

Fortunately, there are a few strategies that can be employed when dealing with sowbugs. Also, these include regular removal of organic debris from around the home. Using soapy water sprays or diatomaceous earth dusts around potential entry points for sowbugs. Installing gutter guards on roofs and downspouts to reduce moisture build-up near foundations. Also, ensuring proper drainage from flower pots or other planter containers so that standing water does not attract them. Additionally, beneficial nematodes can be used as a biological control method against these creatures. Since they feed on them naturally without harming other beneficial organisms in the soil like earthworms. Finally, using plant varieties that aren’t prone to being eaten by sowbugs. Furthermore, it may also help lessen their impact on garden beds or flower beds.

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