Ways on Preventing Sowbugs in Rutherford County, Tennessee

sowbugs rutherford county tn

6 Ways on Preventing Sowbugs

  1. Reduce moisture in and around the home. Make sure rain gutters are free of debris and that downspouts lead away from the home’s foundation. Inspect window seals and door sweeps to ensure they are properly installed and free of holes. Consider having a damp-proof course installed on the exterior walls of your home, as this will reduce moisture levels in the soil surrounding it.

2. Remove any vegetation or mulch near your foundation. As this can create an ideal habitat for sowbugs. It is best to replace these items with gravel, stones, or other material. That does not retain moisture for too long.

3. Make sure all outdoor trash cans have lids or are stored inside a shed or garage if possible. To prevent attractants from building up around the area. If you find any compost piles in your yard. Make sure to cover them with a tarp when it rains. So that moisture does not accumulate in them, creating conditions that hatch eggs into sowbugs.

4. Keep gutters clean and unclogged at all times to reduce excess water levels around your home and property. This will also help keep sowbugs away as they need moist places to survive and reproduce. If your gutters become clogged, be sure to clean them regularly to avoid water buildup around your house. Which could attract sowbugs in large numbers over time.

2 Additional ways on Preventing Sowbugs

5. Use natural repellents such as essential oils like lemongrass, lavender and cedarwood around entry points into a house or garden beds. Where sowbugs may be present. This will help keep them away from these areas while keeping other insects such as mosquitoes at bay as well!  Additionally, use DE (diatomaceous earth) as an effective dust barrier around your property’s perimeter. Which will help deter sowbug activity in nearby areas. Outside of the dust barrier’s reach by drying out their environment and ultimately killing them off. Before they can enter areas within its protection radius (such as gardens).

6. Check regularly for signs of activity from sowbugs inside of your house or property. By doing regular inspections of basements, attics or crawl spaces. Look for small pellets that indicate the presence of these pests. Since these droppings might indicate an infestation if left unchecked for long periods of time without treatment! If you do notice signs of an infestation within the house itself. Then contact a professional pest control service immediately. So that more serious damage can be avoided. Due to their potentially destructive behavior when present in large numbers. Because of their feeding habits on decaying organic matter found within structures like houses!

Just a few FAQs on Sowbugs

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