Are Springtails a Common Pest in Rutherford County, Tennessee

springtails rutherford county tn

In Rutherford County, Tennessee, springtails are a very common pest problem for both residential and commercial property owners. While these tiny pests aren’t likely to cause serious damage, they can be difficult to control and may leave behind an unpleasant odor.

Springtails get their name from the “springy” furcula that is tucked under their abdomen. When they feel threatened, they use this to launch themselves into the air as a defense mechanism. The furcula also allows them to move quickly in order to escape predators or find food. They often gather in large numbers around damp or wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements and crawl spaces.

Typically, springtails are attracted to properties that provide ample amounts of moisture or humidity levels that are higher than normal. If your home or property has damp or wet soil conditions, you’re more likely to experience an infestation of springtails. You may also see them near water sources such as leaky pipes or faucets, pooled water from flooding, sink drains or other types of plumbing fixtures.

Springtail infestations can be identified by noticing small grayish-white specks on indoor surfaces like furniture, walls and floors. These pests prefer moist areas so if you notice any moisture issues in your home it’s important to fix them right away before them become a problem. Additionally it’s important to seal any access points where they could enter your home; this includes any cracks in walls or foundations and gaps around windows and doors.

If you suspect a springtail infestation in your Rutherford County property it’s best to contact a professional pest control expert right away who will be able to properly identify the pests and develop a customized plan for controlling them. With the right measures taken you can ensure that these pesky little critters don’t cause any further problems for your home or business!

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