FAQs on Springtails in Rutherford County, Tennessee

springtails rutherford county tn

5 Common FAQs on Springtails

Q. What are springtails?

A: Springtails are a species of hexapod, a close relative of insects, that have the potential to invade properties and homes in the thousands. They have a soft body, appearing gray to the human eye, and only grow to about 1/16th of an inch in size. Unlike fleas, they do not feed on our blood and instead use a furcula tucked beneath their abdomen when startled to jump away from danger.

Q: Where do springtails live?

A: Springtails prefer moist environments such as soil, leaf litter, moss, waterlogged wood or decaying organic matter. In which they can find food and moisture. In Rutherford County, Tennessee they can be found throughout yards and gardens. Where there is rich soil or other moist conditions present.


Q: What do springtails eat?

A: Springtails feed on organic matter and small organisms. Such as mold spores and fungi. That is found on or around moist surfaces such as leaves and soil. They are also known to consume bacteria from decaying organic matter and other microscopic organisms that exist in our environment.


Q: How can I identify springtail infestation?

A: The presence of large numbers of these pests indoors is usually an indication. That there is a source of moisture nearby such as leaks in windows or plumbing problems in the home. Which provides them with an ideal environment for multiplication and growth. Common signs of infestation include tiny white bugs that jump away when disturbed. Or brownish specks around flooring edges near walls or baseboards. Where moisture might be present behind them. As well as musty odors caused by fungus growth. Due to high humidity conditions created by the presence of these pests.


Q: How do I get rid of springtail infestations?

A: To get rid of springtails infestations. It is important to locate any sources of moisture within your home or property. First before proceeding with treatments such as applying insecticides directly onto affected areas. Also, using professional pest control services if needed for more severe cases of infestation’s. Where large numbers are present indoors or outdoors throughout your yard and garden spaces . Additionally removing debris from your property like leaves or mulch. Which may provide additional food sources for these pests can help reduce activity over time.

Just a few FAQs on Springtails

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