Ways on Preventing Springtails in Rutherford County, Tennessee

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10 Ways on Preventing Springtails

  1. Seal any cracks, holes and gaps around the foundation of your home or property to prevent springtails from entering. This includes door frames, window frames, and vents.
  2. Keep your gutters clear of debris as springtails can be attracted to standing water sources.

3. Reduce moisture around foundations by maintaining proper drainage and grading for your land to discourage springtail populations.

4. Regularly inspect outdoor furniture, decks and other areas where springtail pests may hide or congregate in large numbers.

5. Clear out organic debris such as fallen leaves, decaying wood, mulch, compost piles and other materials that could serve as a home for these pests away from the property’s boundaries if possible.

4 Additional Ways on Preventing Springtails

6. Utilize insecticide treatments surrounding the foundation of your home with products that contain bifenthrin or permethrin to actively repel and kill invading springtails before they enter your living space.

7. Place insect bait traps inside as well as outside of your home to help control future infestations of springtails by attracting them away from the properties boundary lines and into a container filled with killing agents specifically designed for this type of pest infestation.

8. Remove any moisture-retaining objects from around your property’s exterior walls such as potted plants or benches that could act as a breeding ground for unwanted pests like springtails in Rutherford County, Tennessee .

9. Use dehumidifiers in basements or attics that are particularly moist to reduce the humidity levels in these areas thereby diminishing the presence of dampness – which is an attractive environment for many pests including springtails!

10. Vacuum carpets often and dispose of dust bags regularly to remove any potential food sources that could attract pesky invaders like springtails into our properties here in Rutherford County, Tennessee .

Prevent Problems with Springtails by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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