Ways on Preventing Ticks in Rutherford County, Tennessee

ticks rutherford county tn

10 Ways on Preventing Ticks

  1. Wear light-colored clothing when spending time outdoors so it’s easier to spot ticks on your clothing.
  2. Wear long pants and tuck them into your socks or shoes so that ticks can’t crawl up your legs.

3. Spray clothing with permethrin, a tick repellent that lasts through several washes and helps protect from mosquitoes as well as ticks.

4. Shower soon after being outdoors to wash off any unattached ticks.

5. Check for ticks daily, especially in areas such as near the hairline, behind the ears, underarms, and groin area. Because these areas tend to be very attractive to ticks looking for a warm blood meal.

4 Additional ways on Preventing Ticks

6. Use DEET or other insect repellents that contain picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus. When spending time outdoors in tick-infested areas like wooded or grassy areas. Or near streams and ponds where deer may frequent the area looking for water sources during dry periods of the year.

7. Make your yard less hospitable for ticks by keeping it well maintained. With a closely cut lawn, removing leaf litter and debris from around the house foundation. Additionally, trimming back overgrowth from bushes and shrubs near walkways and outdoor seating areas. Where adults could come into contact with ticks looking for their next meal host.

8. Place a three-foot wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between outdoor living spaces (like patios) and lawns. Do this to reduce the risk of adults coming into contact with ticks. While enjoying outdoor activities in the backyard space throughout the year. Especially during tick season which is usually May through August in Tennessee. Clearly, can vary depending on weather conditions throughout each particular year!

9. Consider treating pets with flea/tick medication if they will be spending time outside in wooded or grassy areas where deer may frequent looking for food sources. Since pets have an easier time contracting these parasites than humans do. Due to their fur coats providing more surface area contact with potential hosts. It is important to take necessary precautions even if they are not spending much time outdoors!

10. Place bat houses around your property as bats help eat many insects including mosquitoes which share similar habitats as deer ticks. Making them more likely hosts if there are fewer bats present in an area due to their insectivore dieting habits!

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