Are Wolf Spiders a Common Pest in Rutherford County, Tennessee

wolf spiders rutherford county tn

Wolf spiders are fairly common pests in Rutherford County, Tennessee. While they may look intimidating, they generally do not pose a threat to humans and households. Most of the time, wolf spiders will be found outdoors where they hunt for prey like insects and small invertebrates.

When it comes to their environment, wolf spiders prefer moist places with lots of vegetation and protection from predators. They can often be found lurking in mulch or leaf piles, under stones and logs or in tall grass or weeds. However, if temperatures drop too low outdoors during the winter months, some of them will find their way indoors.

If they make it into your home, you’ll likely spot them scurrying across your floor in search of food (or better hiding spots). Thankfully, wolf spiders are often more scared of humans than we are of them. They won’t bother you unless provoked. If seen indoors though, it’s best to remove them as quickly as possible. Especially, before they lay eggs which could result in a larger spider population inside your house!

An effective way to keep spiders outside is by sealing up cracks around the foundation of your home. Anything that could act as entry points for these eight-legged critters. It is also important to keep outdoor areas near the house free of debris. Like clutter and leaves that can create ideal habitats for them. Finally, controlling any other insect populations near your house will help reduce the chances of these insects entering your property. Since they feed on insects as one of their main sources of nutrition.

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