FAQs on Wolf Spiders in Rutherford County, Tennessee

wolf spiders rutherford county tn

5 Common FAQs on Wolf Spiders

Q. What is a wolf spider?

A: Wolf spiders are a species of hunting spider that can be found across the world, including Rutherford County, Tennessee. They have an impressive 8 legs and usually grow to between 1/2 to 2 inches in length. Despite their intimidating look and fast movements, wolf spiders are generally harmless to humans.

Q. How do wolf spiders hunt?

A: Wolf spiders primarily hunt by sight and use stealth tactics to sneak up on their prey, usually insects and small invertebrates like slugs and snails. They have excellent eyesight for a spider species and can even see in color! After stalking their prey, wolf spiders will then pounce on it before quickly injecting venom into the prey using their large fangs.


Q. Where in Rutherford County can I find wolf spiders?

A: Wolf spiders are common in many areas of Rutherford County but they’re especially fond of wooded areas or grassy fields where there is plenty of cover for them to hide as they stalk their prey undetected. People may also find them close to bodies of water such as streams or ponds since these areas often contain more insect activity for the spiders to feed on.


Q. How do I identify a wolf spider?

A: Wolf spiders typically have grayish-brown bodies with white or yellow patches on the abdomen and sides, though some species can be quite colorful with shades of green or red mixed in too! Their legs are usually darker than the body and they have eight eyes arranged into three rows; two small ones at the top followed by four larger ones below those, finishing off with two medium-sized eyes at the bottom row near the mouthparts.


Q: Are wolf spiders dangerous?

A: While they may look intimidating due to their large size and fast movements, wolf spiders actually pose very little danger to humans as most are not venomous or aggressive unless provoked or threatened directly with contact from a person’s hands or feet! In cases where someone does get bitten by a wolf spider, it will typically cause only mild discomfort but severe reactions may occur depending on individual sensitivity levels so it’s best avoided if possible.

This is just a Few FAQs on Wolf Spiders


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