Are Yellow Jackets a Common Pest in Rutherford County, Tennessee

yellow jackets rutherford county tn

Yellow Jackets are a common pest in Rutherford County, Tennessee. The warm and humid climate of the area is an ideal environment for these insects to thrive. They can cause a variety of problems such as stinging people and animals, contaminating food sources, and damaging property.

In the summer months, you may see yellow jackets building their paper nest in sheltered places like attics, roof soffits, decks, and walls. They also commonly build nests underground or near water sources such as bird baths or streams. They feed on sugary food sources such as soda cans and open garbage cans that attract them.

Yellow jacket stings can be painful but are usually not dangerous unless you are allergic to them. It’s important to take precautions against them. Especially, if you have outdoor activities planned. Wear long sleeves and pants when outside. Also, avoid perfumes and fragrances that could attract them. Keep sugary drinks covered when outdoors. If you notice a yellow jacket nest on your property it’s best to contact a local pest control professional for help with removal.

On the other hand, yellow jackets also provide some benefits for our ecosystem. Because they eat many species of nuisance insects like flies and wasps. Helping keep these populations down around our homes and yards. Without their presence we would be overrun by these pests!

Overall, while they can be a nuisance at times due to their aggressive behavior, they are an important part of nature’s balance in Rutherford County Tennessee Рhelping reduce the populations of troublesome insect pests while providing food for other wildlife species like birds and lizards.

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